Are you a classroom teacher or SPED teacher who feels...

-tired of the same cookie cutter behavior strategies

-annoyed with sub-par behavior plans & know there's more you can be doing to support your students

-drained from out of control student behavior

-defeated because nothing you try is working

We get you. We used to be you.

The Behavior by Design Membership

is a community of educators who are ready to shift from control-focused to collaboration-focused behavior management.

You'll never have to search for behavior management strategies again!

  • You'll be able to confidently handle any behavior situation
  • You'll spend more time teaching and less time putting out fires
  • You'll reignite your love for teaching even when working with the most difficult students

Why is this so important to us?


As a classroom teacher, I know what it's like to not be able to teach because you're constantly managing disruptions. During my first few years of teaching, I felt so defeated by student behavior. I couldn't teach because I was constantly trying to stop unsafe or noncompliant behavior. The behavior management strategies I used weren't working, and I was left feeling frustrated and drained everyday. I took it upon myself to learn all that I could about behavior, and I finally found what works and want to share it with educators around the world so you can feel like an effective teacher again.


My first couple of years as a special education teacher I was overwhelmed, exhausted, and flat out annoyed by student behavior. It wasn’t until I actively started researching, learning, and testing out trauma informed behavior strategies that I was finally able to see huge progress in my students. It’s so important for me to share what I’ve learned (& mistakes I’ve made) along the way to help push your practice forward. Giving you and your students the same feeling of success. We’re so much stronger together and the Behavior by Design Community is proof that huge change is possible!

When you join the membership, you'll get...

Deep Dive Trainings

Monthly Behavior Blueprint 

(Downloadable Training E-Book)

Monthly Mini-Trainings

Exclusive Members-Only Community

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The Seasonal Membership

You'll get access to all of the below content for 1 season (3 months)

  • Live trainings
  • Monthly behavior blueprint workbook
  • Monthly mini-trainings
  • Exclusive members-only community
  • Monthly q+a calls (Programming Parties)
  • Bonus trainings & resources!

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Our philosophy is different

We believe in behavior strategies that:

-fit into your classroom community

-are targeted for the K-3 age group

-are trauma informed

-are built on our 4 C Framework for behavior change: Calm, Community, Cohesive Plan, & Consistency

I know it feels like student behavior is out of your control. But we're here to reassure you that there’s still hope for your classroom and for your students. Will you continue to respond to student behavior as it pops up, leaving each school day feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and defeated, or will you join a community of passionate educators ready for the support they deserve?